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Press Management for Parliamentary Officers

There is a special art associated with being able to turn seemingly innocuous parliamentary activity into page grabbing headlines. How do you turn information gathered from a late night debate on an Bill Amendment into a news story? How do you get Radio 4 Today programme billing for an issue supported by Backbench MPs and raised only by an EDM? What techniques can you utilise to ensure that information gathered from an Oral Question gets wider media exposure? The answers to all these questions and many more are on offer to attendees of this focused course aimed specifically at enhancing the ability of Parliamentary Units to gain extensive media coverage on behalf of their organisation.

The course also offers professional guidance on how to deal with the media, identifying and forging working coalitions with specialist journalists. It also provides a unique insight into the individual working agendas of lobby journalists, news feature writers, and local reporters alike; to give attendees a flavour of  the dominating factors which often charactorise the news selection process.

Packed with practical exercises, the course also offers frontline guidance on how to work most proactively with internal press office teams to gain a wider understanding of their field of responsibility and respect for in-house public affairs activity. The course offers key tips on ways to improve the effctiveness of collaborative work; delegates will be given guidance on how to coincide media planning with overall parliamentary strategy.

All in all this thorough course offers anyone working within an internal parliamentary team with the required tools to improve upon their news planting skills. The use of slides, worksheet and commentary ensures that this parliamentary training course provides attendees with useful tactical skills applicable for immediate use in the workplace.


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