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Getting your ideas into No. 10

This specialist one-day course offer concrete guidance on how to enter into close communications with those who command the process of policy development within 10 Downing Street. Providing a unique insight into the operations of the policy unit, the course will examine current culture, style of management and pinpoint the key individuals who dominate the process of policy making in Number 10. Insight will be offered on how policy initiatives are derived and managed at Number 10.  The course will also provide professional guidance on how to fully engage with the system giving details on the communication and administrative structures that exist within Downing Street.

This course has been designed to give practical advice on how to best approach the machinery that operates at Number 10, as well as offer an analysis of the internal mechanisms, charactor, style and approach of leadership under Prime Minister David Cameron.

As well as illustrating the human dynamics and internal personnel structure of the policy unit, the course will also give some insight on how best to identify and target your approach to senior personnel when seeking to give voice to tangiable policy initiatives at the highest level.

This course is aimed at senior public affairs practitioners who need to learn how to enter into close dialogue with the policy process in operation at Number 10. It has been designed to provide all the current information available on  trends, practices and patterns of behaviour to enable participants to fully comprehend and contend with the present day structure and decison making culture that exist at the heart of British Government.

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Starts: 09:00 AM
Ends: 04:30 PM

Cost: 725.00 (GBP) per person

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